Tenkara School at Elkmont April 11, 2015

We’ve seen an incredible amount of interest in Tenkara over the past couple of years. We started fishing with it about 3 years ago, started guiding some trips with it and recently become a dealer for Tenkara Rod Co gear. The response has been incredible!

Tenkara looks fun because it is

Tenkara looks fun because it is

Almost everyday we hear from people who are interested in the idea of Tenkara but hesitant to get started because they’re not sure of what they need or how it’s different from fly fishing they already do. Now we’ve set a date for a Tenkara workshop this April 11 at the Spence Cabin right on Little River at Elkmont.

We have pricing which includes a complete Tenkara rod outfit, or without any gear for those who already have a rod and line but still have some questions. The price of the class with a complete Tenkara set up for you to keep is $210 and $50 for anyone coming with their own gear.

The method is incredibly simple, but anything is easier when you know how! We’ll discuss the differences in Tenkara rods and lines for different situations. There will be discussions about the best flies as well as the best ways to use your Tenkara gear to hook and land fish. There will be a special focus on fishing in the Smokies but we’ll also touch on fishing larger trout rivers as well as warm water ponds and lakes.

We’ll do on stream demonstrations as the Spence Cabin is right on the Little River so you’ll have the opportunity to see exactly what you should do as well as what you shouldn’t do.

Lunch will be served and we’ll have drinks as well, so please join us!

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