Common Misconceptions About Tenkara

We’ve been using Tenkara and used it to guide anglers in the Smokies for about three years now. If you’ve never tried it you won’t believe what an incredibly effective tool it is for fly fishing in rivers and streams. We’ve had a few folks who have booked trips specifically to fish with Tenkara or […]

Hatching Yellow Sally

Little Yellow Stoneflies, often referred to as Yellow Sallies, are hatching throughout the Smoky Mountain region right now. These bright yellow insects start life as a dull brown nymph in the stream. They migrate across the stream bottom and crawl up on boulders in the middle of the stream or on dry areas along the […]

Advice from the Guides Video – Fly Fishing with Nymphs & Strike Indicators in Mountain Streams

Here’s the latest installment of our Advice from the Guides Video Blog. This month we focus on nymph fishing. It’s not hard, but it’s a subject we spend a lot of time helping anglers to improve. The video for this segment was taken during the winter on Little River and the Middle Prong of Little […]

Advice from the Guides Video Blog – Winter Fly Fishing on Abrams Creek

This is the first installment in our Advice from the Guides Video Blog. We’ve decided to take what would have been an article in our newsletter and do it as a video. Watch for future installments to include casting tips, streamer fishing, nymph fishing techniques, and more. This month we’ve focused on Abrams Creek, the […]

Spring Fly Fishing Forecast the Smoky Mountains and East Tennessee

It’s still winter but many of us are already planning our fishing in the months ahead. We get numerous emails and phone calls over the winter from people planning trips. Many of those folks are trying to hit a particular hatch, good flows on the tailwaters, or the best conditions for an extended backcountry fishing […]

Our Top 10 Tips for Fly Fishing with Nymphs in the Winter Months

Winter is among the toughest times of year to catch trout in streams. Water temperatures are cold and a trout’s metabolism is slow. Even though a fish doesn’t need to feed as much in cold weather, they will eat if given a chance. Fly fishing in the winter is different than spring, summer, and fall. […]

Advice from the Guides

What’s size leader and tippet should I use? This varies depending on which rivers and streams you’re fishing. For most water in the Smokies we use a 7 1/2′ leader tapered to 5X. This is probably the best overall leader for the Smokies. We’ll sometimes use longer 9′ leaders on larger streams like Little River. […]

Advice From the Guides

Question: How do you decide where to go fishing or take a guide trip? It depends on the day, but the individual angler influences our decision more than anything else. Some insist on a backcountry experience while others are not as capable of making the walk into a more isolated location. Even when we hike […]

Advice From Guides

This is a new feature where we answer your questions. We answer fishing questions every day and realized we could help more people by putting those questions and answers in a place where people could see them. Have a question for us? Shoot us an email. We’ll answer your question via email and may use […]