Mid Summer Fly Fishing Looking Good Across East Tennessee and the Smokies

We’re officially into summer now and happy to report fishing is looking good almost everywhere you look. A wet spring season made fishing pretty tricky, especially on our tailwater rivers which ran high for a pretty long time. In fact, we lost more float days due to high water this season than we’ve ever lost […]

Clinch River was a Tough Nut

Flows on the Clinch River finally dropped to a fishable level and while conditions weren’t what I’d term perfect, they were the best we’d seen in a while. Besides, the drift boat hasn’t seen much action this spring so I was eager to get back behind the oars after last week’s float on the Tuckaseegee. […]

Nymphing is the Best Method for Catching Trout

The warm weather has continued for quite a while here in East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains and we’ve taken as much advantage as we’ve been able. A front moved through the area yesterday with some rain and cooler temperatures, but nothing has changed much. Water conditions are just about perfect in the Smokies. I […]

Video Fishing Report – Smoky Mountains & Clinch River

We’ve been out on the water quite a bit over the past couple of weeks and had some great opportunities to get some excellent video of fishing and spawning brown trout in the Smoky Mountains. We also elaborate more on our last post regarding the Clinch River. You’ll see some excellent video from the Clinch. […]

Clinch River Continues to Fish Well (From a Boat)

The Clinch River below Norris Dam has had the dream generation schedule lately, but only if you have a boat. Norris Dam has been running one generator about 20 hours a day. Steady flows make for happy bugs and happy fish. Furthermore that water level allows for excellent fishing. Of course it sucks if you’re […]

Snow on the High Ridges of the Smoky Mountains

There’s still some fall color here in Townsend, but it’s certainly transitioning into a cooler season. As I type this snow is falling along the crest of the Smokies. We may see some flurries here in Townsend, but the high ridges will likely see 3-6″ of accumulation. While it’s cold up high, it’s still pretty […]

Fly Fishing is Excellent Everywhere Across East Tennessee

We can sum up the fishing pretty quickly – It’s excellent where ever you go right now. We’re glad to report that because our guide season really cranked up. We’ll have multiple guides on the water several days this week. Our wading boots and drift boat oars will both get a work out. The recent […]

We Make the Rounds on the Tailwaters and Streams

The fly fishing is starting to get rolling here in East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains. We’re guiding anglers on the rivers and streams and we’ve put some miles on the wading boots and drift boat this week. The weather has been sketchy, but those who have been able to tolerate it  have been into […]

Good Fly Fishing in the Smokies and the Clinch plus More Bear Pictures

Water levels are well within fishable, but look much more like April than August. Here on the Tennessee side of the Smokies Tremont is fishing really well. I’ve been fishing nymphs about three feet under a yarn indicator, but dry flies will tempt plenty of fish. Just be sure to cast dries to spots that […]

Monster Brown Trout from the Clinch River

It’s been a couple of weeks ago now, but I came across the the biggest brown trout I’ve ever seen on the Clinch River. I had taken Gary Newton from Berea, Kentucky on a float trip. It was a pretty good day of fishing with most trout taking midge patterns in the #20 range. A […]