Getting Kids on the Stream in the Smokies

Charity and I have always felt strongly about getting kids out on the water. Even the most fervent conservationists won’t live forever and a big part of the job is to make sure future generations care for our natural resources. The best way to make that happen is to get them out on the stream. […]

Brook Trout Swimming in Lynn Camp Prong After Restoration

Fisheries biologists at Great Smoky Mountains National Park recently relocated brook trout from Cosby Creek into Lynn Camp Prong with the help of volunteers. About 350 brookies were put in the stream on July 14. They were placed in the stream in small groups that were dispersed up and down the creek. Lynn Camp Prong […]

Make Your Voice Heard: Speak Out for Tellico River Trout

Tellico River is one of East Tennessee’s premier freestone trout streams. In fact, it’s the largest natural trout stream in the state. It’s headwaters begin in North Carolina in the Nantahala National Forest. Peckerwood Branch, Mistletoe Creek, and Fain Ford are all noteworthy locations across the state line. Most Tennesse anglers aren’t aware of the […]

Volunteer for Trout in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Here are a few opportunities to volunteer to help fisheries biologists in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and have a great time along the way. You spend time with people who are experts on Smoky Mountain trout and see some amazing things. We try to set aside a few days each year to help out. […]

Biggest Brook Trout Restoration Yet to Take Place in the Smokies

Fisheries biologists at Great Smoky Mountains National Park are planning the most ambitious restoration of native brook trout they have ever undertaken. Lynn Camp Prong, in the Tremont section of the Smokies, will be restored upstream of Lynn Camp Cascades. Brook trout will soon be common in Lynn Camp Prong near Townsend, TN Brook trout […]

Stop the Spread of Invasive Species Like Didymo & Whirling Disease

One of the biggest threats to our fisheries is the spread of invasive aquatic species. Whirling disease, the New Zealand mud snail, and Didymo have all either impacted trout fisheries or pose a potential risk to their survival. Tennessee’s trout fisheries are not immune to these invaders, but their spread is preventable. It requires action […]

New Brook Trout Water Open for Fishing in the Smokies

The National Park Service has just changed the fishing regulations so that Sams Creek is now open for fishing. This stream has been closed since the 1970’s to protect native brook trout. A restoration was conducted by the park service along with volunteers from Trout Unlimited. Biologists at Great Smoky Mountains National Park now say […]