The Best All Round Week of Fishing We’ve Seen This Year

It’s been a tough season. Anyone who follows fly fishing around the Southeast knows that, but we’re glad to say that we just had what may have been the best few days we’ve seen all year long. Tailwater flows are great, smallmouth bass are looking to the surface for poppers, and trout in the Smokies […]

Kicking Off Our Week at TroutHunter on the Henry’s Fork Right!

We’re all settled in here at TroutHunter on the beautiful Henry’s Fork in Idaho a short distance from Yellowstone National Park. Everyone met their guide at breakfast, discussed their experience level and preferred methods of fly fishing, and headed out for the water. Ladawn Ostmann is a veteran of our Western trips and has traveled […]

Video Blog – Fly Fishing for Brook Trout in the Great Smoky Mountains

This month we tackle one of our favorite topics, fly fishing for brook trout in the Great Smoky Mountains. If you’ve never experienced this type of fishing this video will show you everything we love about it: phenomenal scenery, beautiful trout, rarely seen animals, and dry fly fishing. [vimeo][/vimeo]

Quick Pic: Creek Smallmouth on the Popper

The superb fishing with poppers continues…

Our Fly Patterns & Books Are Now Available in Our Online Store

Many of you remember back when we had a small online store where we sold our books, DVD’s, and Fly of the Month subscriptions. When we upgraded our website we had to change everything or nothing and our online store was a casualty of the process since it wasn’t compatible with the new site. We […]

Video Fishing Report – Quill Gordon Hatch in the Smoky Mountains

It’s been another week of good mayfly hatches in the Smoky Mountains and midge fishing on the tailwaters. Fishing continues to be spotty on the Clinch River with slow periods broken up by several minutes of really good activity. It doesn’t seem like there has been very much insect activity on the Clinch so that […]

Video Fishing Report – We Fly Fish in the Snow Once Again

It looks like winter didn’t really go away so much as give us a quick head fake before charging right back into our fly fishing in the Smokies. Yesterday was a relatively miserable kind of day; cold, wet, and snowy. The water was a little high after rain on Sunday. I was actually expecting a […]

Three Days of Fly Fishing the Smokies in Cataloochee Valley

Charity and I noticed some blank days on the guide calendar and decided we needed to take advantage of the break. Even those of us who live in the Smoky Mountains like to take a few days to get away and do nothing more than camp and fly fish. After a quick scan of a […]

Midging Trout on the Tailwaters and some Streamer Fishing

It’s only a short time before our spring guide season gets under way so we’re trying to get as much fishing in for ourselves as we can. While driving to a show about a month ago one of us said that we’re both on the river hundreds of days each year, but relatively few are […]

Make Any Fly More Effective: Rules to Fish By

Many fly fishers put the importance of the fly above all, but there are several factors that are far more important than fly selection. These are exceptionally easy to accomplish, but not practiced as often as they should. As fly fishers we have an advantage over natural predators like osprey, herons, water snakes, and otters. […]