Snow on the High Ridges of the Smoky Mountains

There’s still some fall color here in Townsend, but it’s certainly transitioning into a cooler season. As I type this snow is falling along the crest of the Smokies. We may see some flurries here in Townsend, but the high ridges will likely see 3-6″ of accumulation. While it’s cold up high, it’s still pretty […]

Advice from the Guides Video – Fly Fishing with Nymphs & Strike Indicators in Mountain Streams

Here’s the latest installment of our Advice from the Guides Video Blog. This month we focus on nymph fishing. It’s not hard, but it’s a subject we spend a lot of time helping anglers to improve. The video for this segment was taken during the winter on Little River and the Middle Prong of Little […]

Belated Fishing Report From Before Snow Storm

I’ve got a fishing report from late last week, but conditions have changed substantially in the Smoky Mountains since that time so I’m not sure just how valid it will be. We’ve been struggling with a round of the cold virus here at R&R Fly Fishing on top of finishing up holiday shopping and getting […]

Our Top 10 Tips for Fly Fishing with Nymphs in the Winter Months

Winter is among the toughest times of year to catch trout in streams. Water temperatures are cold and a trout’s metabolism is slow. Even though a fish doesn’t need to feed as much in cold weather, they will eat if given a chance. Fly fishing in the winter is different than spring, summer, and fall. […]

Trout Flies for the Smoky Mountains: Pat’s Nymph

The Pat’s Nymph is one of those flies that Smoky Mountain fly fishing guides just love. It has a buggy look that fish can’t resist and it’s relatively quick and easy to tie. While the Pat’s Nymph is good year round, it’s particularly good in the spring since it’s a good representation of several aquatic […]

Fly Tying: Learn to Tie and Fish the Skull & Bones Midge Pupa

Midge pupa are an extremely important food source for trout, particularly those in tailwaters. Midges are among the most common of aquatic insects and they hatch year round. In many instances they are one of only a few insects that trout eat during the winter months. Many fly fishers and fly tyers are turned off […]

First Snow in the Smokies, Great Dry Fly Fishing, & Good Fishing Continues on the Clinch

We’ve been on the water almost every day which is why we haven’t posted a report in a while. East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains have reached peak fall color and the fly fishing has been great for the most part. There was a lull in the fishing earlier this week after the first snowfall […]

Catch More Trout on Nymphs When You Use the Right Strike Indicator for the Job

The variety of strike indicators an angler can choose from can be dizzying, but many of them might not be the best choice for your nymphing situation. Yarn, foam footballs, putty, and dry flies can all be used as strike indicators. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. You’ll catch more trout on nymphs when you […]

Fly Tying: Learn to Tie the Prince Nymph

The Prince Nymph has been one of our favorite flies for a long time. We’ve caught lots of big trout with it not only in the Smokies but in Western rivers as well. We fish it frequently from the first cold snaps of fall through the winter and spring. We’ll continue to fish it in […]

Our Wrap Up from the Madison River and Slide Inn

We’re finally home and while I always get a bit misty when I leave Yellowstone country, it’s very nice to have the beautiful Smoky Mountains and colorful trout to return home to. Every year is different on the Madison. September is a time of dynamic weather in Montana when you can get a sunburn one […]