Happy Fathers’ Day Weekend

I’m often asked if I ever get tired of going fishing. My usual response it to smile and point out that I don’t really get all that much time handling the equipment, just primarily help others catch fish. So no, I don’t get tired of going fishing. In fact, I’d like to get to go […]

Camera Voodoo

Fishermen are a superstitious lot and we’re no exception. Anyone who’s followed us over the years knows about our devotion to Rain Jacket Voodoo. (Yes, capitalized.) Rain Jacket Voodoo is where you can carry rain gear for months and never use it, but the first time you venture out without it you’ll get soaked. We […]

In The Thick of The Season

Well here we go! We’ve been guiding a pretty steady schedule for a little more than a month now, but the lingering cold weather put things off just a little bit. But that’s all about to change. We’re packing our last items for our long weekend camp on Hazel Creek while trying to remember to […]

Good Bye to an Old Friend

The phone rang about dinner time last night and it all became a little more real. It was a truck driver on the outskirts of St Louis heading this way with a load of Hyde drift boats. One of them is ours. “You’re the guy with the trade-in, right?” That was our cue to get […]

Spring Break at R&R Fly Fishing

We’re back from our spring break sabbatical with the kids. Now that our daughter is in school our schedules are somewhat beholding to her schedule. For the past few years we’ve made it a point to take a spring break camping trip. As that’s March in the Smokies the weather is always a factor. This […]

Fall Fly Fishing Forecast for the Smokies and East Tennessee

September is well on its way and there has been a chill in the air in the mornings. Wake up temperatures have been just a touch more than 50 degrees here in Townsend and you know it much cooler in the higher elevations of the Smokies. It’s even been way down in the 30’s on […]

A Guide’s Life – A Chronic Case of the Willies

One of the great things about life in the mountains is that wildlife is all around you. Of course we’ve had neighbors who felt like that was a huge downside of life in the mountains and even moved back to more urban surroundings as a result. It’s not uncommon for us to see any number […]