Getting Kids on the Stream in the Smokies

Charity and I have always felt strongly about getting kids out on the water. Even the most fervent conservationists won’t live forever and a big part of the job is to make sure future generations care for our natural resources. The best way to make that happen is to get them out on the stream. […]

Another Tough Week on the Rivers & Streams Around East Tennessee

Another week into spring, another week of cold and wet weather for us to negotiate…. It’s really been an odd spring. We typically experience a few tough weather days in March, April, and May as strong fronts may bring heavy rain or a short resurgence of winter. However, this year it’s almost been the opposite. […]

Keeping An Eye on the Water

  Water levels in the Smokies have receded to quite fishable levels after they spike up pretty high late last week, but we have some more rain on the way today. So far it looks like the system is breaking up and should only bring us light and scattered rain showers. As fly fishing guides […]

Water levels fall in the Smokies but increase on the Clinch

Charity and I got out on the water for a few hours in the Smokies yesterday. Stream levels were generally high, but the fishing wasn’t bad. We fished nymphs deep in calm pockets and got a surprisingly good number of strikes. Charity fished a Zelon Nymph and Pats Nymph with a split shot under a […]

Video Fishing Report – Smoky Mountains & Clinch River

We’ve been out on the water quite a bit over the past couple of weeks and had some great opportunities to get some excellent video of fishing and spawning brown trout in the Smoky Mountains. We also elaborate more on our last post regarding the Clinch River. You’ll see some excellent video from the Clinch. […]

Spring Fly Fishing Forecast the Smoky Mountains and East Tennessee

It’s still winter but many of us are already planning our fishing in the months ahead. We get numerous emails and phone calls over the winter from people planning trips. Many of those folks are trying to hit a particular hatch, good flows on the tailwaters, or the best conditions for an extended backcountry fishing […]

Mild Weather Has Provided Good Fly Fishing in the Smokies

We had some high water last weekend, but water levels are very good right now. Water temperatures have been in the low to mid 40’s and the trout have been surprisingly active. We haven’t been out on the water in the morning, but fishing has been excellent from about noon to 4 PM. We’ll see […]

A Look Back at Our Favorite Pictures from 2009

We’ve covered a lot of water in 2009! Here are some of our favorite moments from the mountains and rivers captured with a camera. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed being there! View from the fly tying desk on a cold day last January, Townsend, TN Little River rainbow trout, Great […]

Unseasonably Cool Weather Makes for Excellent Fly Fishing Across East Tennessee and The Smoky Mountains

The weather across East Tennessee and Western North Carolina barely cracked 80 degrees over the weekend. We managed to fly fish in a variety of locations for a variety of fish species and it was excellent everywhere. Generation at Cherokee Dam fell off significantly over the weekend so we hitched up the drift boat and […]

Good Fly Fishing in the Smokies and the Clinch plus More Bear Pictures

Water levels are well within fishable, but look much more like April than August. Here on the Tennessee side of the Smokies Tremont is fishing really well. I’ve been fishing nymphs about three feet under a yarn indicator, but dry flies will tempt plenty of fish. Just be sure to cast dries to spots that […]