A Look Back at our TroutHunter Trip, September 2017

It was another banner week for us at TroutHunter on the Henry’s Fork in Yellowstone Country! This year was among the coldest weeks we’ve spent in Idaho in September, but the fishing was superb. Our location on the Henry’s Fork had us waking to freezing temperatures and often wet snow, but if we moved downstream […]

September on the Henry’s Fork

Now that our guide season has slowed down we’ve had some time to go back and remember our time on the Henry’s Fork in Idaho. This was our sixth consecutive year hosting a group at TroutHunter, and while we say it every year, this year REALLY was the best yet. We had absolutely perfect weather, […]

In the River in Yellowstone Country

We’ve arrived at TroutHunter on the Henry’s Fork and spent some time fishing in Yellowstone National Park already. Our group arrives today and we expect to start casting a line on “The Fork”, but it’s already been pretty special. We had barely gotten settled into our room at TroutHunter and ordered a beer at the […]

Henry’s Fork 2014 Trip Summary and Photos

We made our annual September pilgrimage to Yellowstone Country by way of TroutHunter Lodge on the Henry’s Fork in Idaho. We’ve been going to the Yellowstone area since 1996 but this was the fourth year TroutHunter has served as our base of operations for fishing the Henry’s Fork, the Madison River in Montana, several rivers […]

On the Ground in Yellowstone Country

We’ve spent the past couple of days traveling around Yellowstone as we always do about this time of year. We’ll be heading over to the Henry’s Fork later today and joining up with a group of fly fishers we’re hosting at TroutHunter. Up to this point we’ve tried to take it easy while still doing […]

We Take a Look Back at 2013

We’ll always remember 2013, but probably won’t look back at it so fondly as we do other years. We’ll always remember the severe drought of 2007 and the way it stretched a bit into 2008, but those years weren’t so tough as 2013. Without a doubt 2013 was the toughest we’ve seen in our eleven […]

Our Western Trip Summary

We’ve been home from Yellowstone Country for several weeks but have finally managed to get all the great photos sorted and put together a wrap up of the trip. We hosted a group of 12 fly fishers at TroutHunter in Island Park, Idaho on the Henry’s Fork. This was our third time with a group […]

On the Water at TroutHunter on the Henry’s Fork

Our group has established itself at TroutHunter on the Henry’s Fork with most of the rooms taken as well as a good chunk of the guide staff accounted for.  Today our group was peppered throughout the river system with anglers from Box Canyon all the way down below Ashton. Yesterday I spent about half a […]

Further Adventures in Yellowstone

We’re checked in at TroutHunter on the Henry’s Fork but spent the day fishing in Yellowstone Park yesterday. For us it’s almost like coming home since we spent a considerable amount of time here every September. Even better our children are getting old enough to appreciate the area and our daughter Willow is starting to […]

On the Ground in Yellowstone Country

It’s that time of year! Every September we migrate to the Yellowstone region to fly fish and get a change of scenery. Don’t misunderstand us. The Smokies are an incredible place to live with an incredible diversity of fly fishing to keep us busy, but we always look forward to the change of scenery. We […]