Wrap Up of Our Trip to the Henry’s Fork & Yellowstone Park

We’ve been back home in the Smokies a few days but I’ve been recovering from an illness that started before our trip and only seemed to get worse with every day on the water. After a few days of intense recovery aided by a shot at the doctor’s office and prescription antibiotics, I think I […]

Hitting Our Stride On the Henry’s Fork

We’ve all settled in and had several days of fishing on the Henry’s Fork and surrounding waters. Honestly it’s been a mixed bag. Several of the folks in our group have been pretty hard on the fish and the fish have been pretty hard on a few folks, but everyone is having a great time. […]

Our Feet Are Wet In Yellowstone Country

After a somewhat traumatic airline experience, we’ve made it to the Henry’s Fork and Yellowstone Country. We typically make the drive from East Tennessee but this year we flew. Needless to say, it’s a pretty different experience. First and foremost, a drift boat doesn’t count as checked baggage so we’ll primarily be fishing from our […]