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Fishing with streamers is not only the best way to hook a big trout on a fly rod, it’s the most exciting way. Ian & Charity Rutter eliminate any confusion by presenting clear instruction in this book. Fly fishing artist Paul Puckett contributes beautiful drawn diagrams to illustrate the concepts. Big rivers, meadow streams, and tumbling creeks are all places where streamers catch trout and they’re all included in this book. Strategies for fishing from drift boats are covered as well as strategies to use when wading.

You’ll learn when trout hit streamers best plus you’ll learn where to cast the fly to catch the big ones. Strategy is the biggest component to success with streamers. You’ll learn the best ways to fish streamers and understand why they work. You’ll learn what type of rods, fly lines, and leaders work best. Various streamer fly patterns are covered along with the best methods to fish them.

Fishing with streamers is about more than a few fly patterns and rod sizes. It’s a whole strategy. This book will tell you how to present your fly and fish it with a lifelike quality that consistently fools big trout. You’ll even learn how to handle the fish once they’re hooked.

88 pages, 4 1/2″x 6″, Full Color $10.00, paperback


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