Waiting on Spring

It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve been at our annual fishing low point here in East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains. Our tailwaters have been running pretty high from the excessive rains at Christmas and our streams have been running pretty cold for the last two weeks. We didn’t near so much snow as […]

Fish While You Can

We’ve entered that shoulder fishing season now that really isn’t one of those main events of the year, but perhaps the most important. No, it’s not the ever popular spring dry fly fishing or colorful falling fishing but the “get it while you can” fishing. We’re quickly moving into late November and the weather is […]

Get Bent (Rods)!

It’s that time of year for us. Imagine December at Macy’s and that’s the time of year it is for us in the fly fishing guide business. Fishing is great everywhere right now and anglers are coming out of the woodwork. With all the water we have here in East Tennessee it’s not surprising that […]

Video Fly Fishing Report from the Smokies, Mid December 2010

It’s been a frigid couple of weeks here in East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains. We’ve had a good deal of snow and temperatures haven’t risen above freezing the majority of the time. In this video report we show you some snowy scenery in the Smokies and visit Tremont and Cades Cove sections of the […]

Rock Slide in the Smokies Closes a Portion of Little River Road

We just saw this news story on the way out of the house. There was a rock slide along Little River last night and the road is closed between the Townsend Y and Metcalf Bottoms. No word on how long this will last. Heavy equipment will begin clearing the area on Friday, so it shouldn’t […]

Construction Projects in Great Smoky Mountains National Park May Affect Your Fly Fishing Plans

There are several road construction projects under way in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. These have caused a number of closures and might be cause for a change of plans if you’re heading to the water. We’ll outline where the construction is and how that could put a wind knot in your plans. Cades Cove […]

Advice from the Guides Video Blog – Winter Fly Fishing on Abrams Creek

This is the first installment in our Advice from the Guides Video Blog. We’ve decided to take what would have been an article in our newsletter and do it as a video. Watch for future installments to include casting tips, streamer fishing, nymph fishing techniques, and more. This month we’ve focused on Abrams Creek, the […]

Nantahala River fishable once again; We take another short trip to Abrams Creek

It remains brutally cold here in the Smoky Mountains, but I do have some good news to relate. The Nantahala River is finally fishable again. Duke Power has finally gotten Nantahala Lake low enough to cease spilling. While this is good news from the perspective of wading, you should expect water temperatures to be right […]

Smokies in the Grip of Intense Cold Weather; We Go Fishing

It’s been a tough week or so as far as the weather is concerned here in the Smoky Mountains. Temperatures have been peaking in the low to mid 20’s and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. It’s so bad that we’re longing for those days right after Christmas when it warmed up […]

A Short Fishing Trip to Abrams Creek

Since it looked like the last half way decent day I shoved away from the computer, grabbed the keys, and headed out the door. My waders, boots, bag of gear, and a couple of loaded fly rods live in the car so I didn’t have to waste any time gathering my stuff. Charity was spending […]