Our Western Trip Summary

We’ve been home from Yellowstone Country for several weeks but have finally managed to get all the great photos sorted and put together a wrap up of the trip. We hosted a group of 12 fly fishers at TroutHunter in Island Park, Idaho on the Henry’s Fork. This was our third time with a group […]

Wrap Up of Our Trip to the Henry’s Fork & Yellowstone Park

We’ve been back home in the Smokies a few days but I’ve been recovering from an illness that started before our trip and only seemed to get worse with every day on the water. After a few days of intense recovery aided by a shot at the doctor’s office and prescription antibiotics, I think I […]

Hitting Our Stride On the Henry’s Fork

We’ve all settled in and had several days of fishing on the Henry’s Fork and surrounding waters. Honestly it’s been a mixed bag. Several of the folks in our group have been pretty hard on the fish and the fish have been pretty hard on a few folks, but everyone is having a great time. […]

My Trip to Yellowstone: Ian & Craig’s Excellent Adventure

I recently spent six days fly fishing in Yellowstone National Park. Craig Langer who runs the FlyBook from Portland, Oregon joined me. It was a great week of camping, fishing, and hiking in our first national park. We started our trip by hiking into a relatively unfished section of the Yellowstone River. Cutthroat trout were […]