Dogwood Winter Provides Varied Fishing

Early April in East Tennessee brings the blooming of dogwood trees, an iconic Southern Appalachian spring scene. It also tends to bring a cold snap regionally known as Dogwood Winter and this year has been about as wild as we can remember after the dogwoods bloomed, although we can remember one Easter weekend a few […]

Dogwood Winter

They call it Dogwood Winter and for good reason. Every year about the time the dogwoods bloom we get a cold snap. This one is a real one too with a hard freeze tonight. It’s been a wet and cold day today with temperatures falling through the 30’s. Looks like we made the right call […]

Dogwood Winter Brings Snow to the Smoky Mountains

Fly fishing here in the Smoky Mountains got a little bit cooler over the past few days. Almost as reliable as the blooming of the dogwoods here in Tennessee, spring cold snaps always arrive after we think we’re completely clear of winter. The front came in on Monday afternoon and temeratures dropped through the day […]