World Turning

There’s absolutely no doubt that fall has arrive now as autumn color is quickly progressing in the Smokies, leaves are falling, and the weather is cooling down. In fact, we’ve had frost the past two mornings here at R&R Fly Fishing world headquarters in Townsend. Dry fly fishing is the usual fall program in the […]

Perfect Water Levels in the Smokies

After a wet weekend here in East Tennessee we have perfect water levels for fall fly fishing in the Smoky Mountains. While points to our east and southeast received far more precipitation, the Smokies hit a sweet spot in the weather receiving three continuous day of steady but light rain. Autumn is typically the driest […]

Fall Fly Fishing Has Arrived in East Tennessee and the Smokies

We’re still getting our feet back under us after an incredible trip to the Henry’s Fork and Yellowstone National Park. We had beautiful weather and phenomenal fishing. More on that later, but we’re excited to be back home just in time for autumn, our favorite time of year on the water. It seems that the […]

Changes in the Weather

We had a spectacular weekend of weather here in the Smoky Mountains and things will remain very nice here for a few more days but change is on the way. We’ve been seeing frosty nights in the mountains with warm, sunny afternoons but a big cool down is on the way. It looks like afternoon […]

And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Autumn Weather

After an impressive early season winter storm in the Smokies it looks like this week will be much more in line with what we’d expect for early November. When you live in East Tennessee two feet of snow is a big deal, but it really hits home when one of your Western guide buddies who […]

The Peak of Fall Fly Fishing in the Smokies

The weather is beautiful, fall colors are peaking, and the trout are rising. What else could anybody want from a day in the Smokies? We just returned from four days on Hazel Creek and conditions were absolutely perfect. There may have been a few fish caught on nymphs but we spent the bulk of our […]

Back to Great Fall Weather

  We’re back to normally scheduled fall weather here in the Smokies. Last week we received well over a month’s worth of rain in about a day and our rivers and streams looked like it. We scrambled to reschedule guide trips that could be rescheduled and cancelled those that couldn’t. The Smokies saw some of […]

An Unusually Wet October

Directly on the heels of the driest September on record we’re in the midst of an unusually wet October in East Tennessee. Once again this proves my statistician friend, Doug Sanders, point that things tend to average out. We’ve already exceeded our normal rainfall total for October and we’re looking at some significant rain on […]

Signs of Fall

It’s still August and we’re looking at a couple of the hottest days of the year going into Labor Day weekend, but after spending a private day on the river yesterday we’re noticing signs of fall everywhere. First of all we were able to spend some quality time on the river after dropping both the […]

Cold Weather Setting in As Fall Colors Begin to Peak

We’ve had a somewhat compressed fall season here in East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains. We spent the second half of September in the Rocky Mountains and came home to the results of the government shutdown. Our home waters in the  Smokies were closed and it was mid October before we got back on the […]