Late Summer Fishing Report from the Smokies and East Tennessee

August is here and it somehow doesn’t feel quite like late summer. The kids started school this week, we’ve seen relatively mild temperatures with a few mornings registering 59 degrees on the porch, and it seems like TVA has really bumped the flows on the big rivers. It’s feeling more like fall than summer, but […]

Changes in the Weather

We had a spectacular weekend of weather here in the Smoky Mountains and things will remain very nice here for a few more days but change is on the way. We’ve been seeing frosty nights in the mountains with warm, sunny afternoons but a big cool down is on the way. It looks like afternoon […]

Charity Featured in Field & Stream Magazine

Now here’s something pretty cool… Charity was one of seven lady fly fishing guides featured the April 2014 issue of Field & Stream. So far there’s not an online equivalent for the article, but we’ll let you know when that comes around. It gives some great insights into what life is like for a guide […]

Today We’re Thankful For…

Anyone who follows fly fishing in the Southeast knows it’s been a rough year. We started out with high water, then progressed to outrageously high water earlier in the year. By the time we got to our big fall season we had a 17 day government shutdown keep us out of national parks and deprive […]

Tips for Fishing With Kids

Fathers’ Day weekend is a great time for us pass on some tips for fly fishing with kids. We guide customers who bring their children along and we have two young children ourselves. Kids naturally love the outdoors and water so they should have fun, but there are plenty of ways to mess it up. […]

Our FlipBoard Magazine

Maybe you’ve heard of FlipBoard and maybe you haven’t, but we’ve started an online magazine that’s a compilation of articles from around the internet. In our FlipBoard, creatively called the R&R Fly Fishing Smoky Mountain Journal, you’ll find our fishing reports and blog entries as well as other interesting items we’ve noticed in fly fishing […]

Charity’s Television Debut

Last week we got a call from local news reporter and weekend anchor Stoney Sharp. WBIR was going to broadcast live from the Townsend Spring Festival and wanted to do a number of stories around Townsend. As it worked out we were pretty booked and didn’t have much time to make this happen. Fortunately Charity […]

Another Reason to Take Your Kid Fishing

We’ve got two kids and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t put a crimp in our personal fishing time, but we’ve gone all out to make sure they get out on the river with us. In fact, our daughter Willow made her first trip to Yellowstone and the Madison River with us when […]

So You Think You’re a Real Fisherman

Fly fishers are among the proudest of outdoor enthusiasts. We can always tell when we arrive at a trailhead if anyone else if fishing just by looking around for Sage or Orvis stickers and TU specialty license plates. We all wear caps that show off our favorite brands or fly shops or guides services. Heck, many […]

Stream Levels Fine, Tailwaters Not So Much

Mountain streams in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina have receded to levels considered average for early February. Many anglers consider this a tad on the high side but we’ve always preferred the water around this level. Remember you can always find current stream levels on our site. We’re starting to get that nervous tick […]