A New Book On the Way! Trout Flies for the Great Smoky Mountains and Surrounding Waters

We’ve been working on a new book and it will be out soon! It’s Trout Flies for the Great Smoky Mountains and Surrounding Waters – Advice From the Guides. This book showcases approximately 50 flies used around the Smoky Mountain region, tells you how to fish them, the best times to use them, and has […]

Fly of the Month – Ian’s Rubber Leg Tellico Nymph

It was a busy summer and fall and we neglected the Fly of the Month but it’s back! This month as we head into cold weather we feature one of our favorite cold water and high water fly patterns, the Rubber Leg Tellico Nymph. The is a pattern I tinkered around with about 13 or […]

Fly of the Month – Pat’s Nymph

It’s time for another Fly of the Month. As usual you can download this free document and view it on any device including desktop computers, tablets, or smart phones. The Pat’s Nymph is a fly that we always keep handy when we’re fly fishing in the Smokies. We love this fly for several reasons: It’s […]

Time to Tie the Flies

Waters have receded and streams are fishable in the Smokies, but it’s that time of year when I start tying the flies. When most tyers sit at the vise they’ll tie a few of their favorites, then go fishing or do something else. When I sit at the vise I don’t leave until I’ve tied […]

Fly Tying: Learn to Tie the Prince Nymph

The Prince Nymph has been one of our favorite flies for a long time. We’ve caught lots of big trout with it not only in the Smokies but in Western rivers as well. We fish it frequently from the first cold snaps of fall through the winter and spring. We’ll continue to fish it in […]

Tying Flies for Spring

It’s been a pretty cold week and things probably won’t get much better for close to another week. Water temperatures have been mostly in the 30’s with a few ventures into the low 40’s. It’s actually worth fishing if the water is over 40, but not real productive until you get over 45. Even when […]