Quick Pic: Golden Stonefly Nymph

Here’s a golden stonefly nymph we recently found in a stream while flipping rocks. These guys are very common in the Smokies and are very distinctive in appearance so they’re easy to identify. Now you know why the Tellico Nymph does so well in streams across the region.

Fly of the Month – Tellico Prince Nymph

The Tellico Prince Nymph is a hybrid of the highly valuable Tellico Nymph and universally successful Prince Nymph. This fly is useful on mountain trout streams throughout the Southeast as it is a great imitation of golden stonefly nymphs as well as a few mayflies. As always you can download this for free and it’s […]

Golden Stoneflies in the Smokies

Winter is when most people think about fly fishing with big nymphs in the Smokies. There is no surface activity, the water is cold, and a big nymph will sink and just maybe spur a sluggish trout into action. Most fishermen forget that mid-summer can be a great time for big nymphs as well. This […]

Quick Pic: Golden Stonefly Nymph Husk

We’ve seen some of these guys around since May, but August and September is when they really start to show up. You may consider chucking a big Tellico Nymph or our Rubber Leg Tellico after an afternoon thunderstorm. They hatch at night but you’ll see remnants like this along the stream.