Spring Turns to Summer

It’s been a whirlwind season for us up to this point. Our spring guide season was as busy as ever with the added wrinkle of Ian’s recovery from knee surgery. Charity handled most of the wade trips in the Smokies while Ian was relegated to strict duty in the drift boat until he was fit […]

The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For

We just received a press release from Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and even though we had a good idea it was happening soon, it’s still great news. Lynn Camp Prong, as well as every other stream in the Smokies, is now open to fishing. In fact, in the history of the park this is the […]

Tenkara School at Elkmont April 11, 2015

We’ve seen an incredible amount of interest in Tenkara over the past couple of years. We started fishing with it about 3 years ago, started guiding some trips with it and recently become a dealer for Tenkara Rod Co gear. The response has been incredible! Almost everyday we hear from people who are interested in […]

Native Brook Trout Restoration in the Smokies Going Well

We just spotted an article in the Maryville Daily Times today that says the brook trout restoration on Lynn Camp Prong is going well. That’s not necessarily news to us as we’ve spent plenty of time volunteering several times over the past few years, but it still feels good to see it in print. You […]

And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Autumn Weather

After an impressive early season winter storm in the Smokies it looks like this week will be much more in line with what we’d expect for early November. When you live in East Tennessee two feet of snow is a big deal, but it really hits home when one of your Western guide buddies who […]

Fall wildlife in the Smokies

Here’s another beautifully filmed piece from the Great Smoky Mountains Association. Take a two minute vacation to the Smokies to see bugling elk, black bears, and wild turkeys in the autumn. [youtube]http://youtu.be/Tu-pUpQE-oc[/youtube]

Fly Fishing Around Elk This Fall

Fall fishing is almost here, but so is the elk rut. Anyone who will be fly fishing over at Cataloochee or Oconaluftee this fall should probably take a quick look at this video posted by the Great Smoky Mountains Association. Honestly, it’s mostly common sense, but we’ve spent a considerable amount of time fishing around […]

Don’t Hate Her Because She’s Beautiful

I took Sharon and Richard Donnel out for a day of fly fishing in the Smokies with a generous dose of instruction last weekend. They’re local folks from the Knoxville area who decided they wanted to spend more time in the stunning mountain scenery so close to their home. Both were pretty quick studies when […]

Progress Report: Lynn Camp Prong Brook Trout Restoration in the Smokies

Last week Charity and I volunteered one day when the Great Smoky Mountains National Park fisheries biologists went to check on the brook trout population in Lynn Camp Prong. This stream was recently restored with native brook trout from other streams in the Smokies after all rainbow trout were removed from the stream. This is […]

Smoky Mountain Brook Trout And the Next Generation

Anyone who’s known us or followed us for very long knows we have a soft spot for wild, native brook trout here in the Smoky Mountains. These fish have persisted for thousands of years against everything Mother Nature and mankind has thrown at them. Even as their numbers have diminished significantly over the last century […]