Tough Winter for Fly Fishing in the Southeast

If you’ve been waiting for a good time to go fly fishing this winter in the Southeast you’ve probably had a tough time making it work out. That’s been made even more ironic by the admission that we’ve had some pretty good weather moments, but unfortunately there were enough high water events to negate the […]

High Water in the Smokies

After about 2 1/2 days of steady rain you could say we have some high water in the Smokies. Here’s a look at Little River crashing through the Sinks this morning. All of the following are video clips. Just click them to start or stop. A video posted by R & R Fly Fishing (@randrflyfishing) […]

Most Area Streams Fishable After Heavy Rains

Last night was certainly an interesting one here in East Tennessee as we had strong winds, heavy rain, and even some hail in a few locations. The “on the scene” report from the Smokies is that most of the streams are in good shape. The bulk of rain fell west of the mountains in Tennessee. […]

More Water Than We Expected

We really did expect the water to be high today but what we anticipated would be decent for stripping streamers in selected spots. As it turns out there was much more water than that!  There was up to 2″ of rain on the tops of the mountains that fell on top of several inches of […]

Rivers & Streams Blown Out

Our suggestion right now is to finish up your Christmas shopping and have another glass of eggnog because there’s not much point in heading out to the river for a couple of days. Flows are high across East Tennessee and Western North Carolina and not really worth the effort for the time being. Those with […]

High Water Across East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Looks like it’s a rough week to be a fly fisher around East Tennessee and Western North Carolina. We’ve seen quite a bit of rain over the weekend and more continues to fall. All the mountain streams are running high and the TVA has the tailwaters running at the moment to keep reservoirs levels at […]

Here Comes the Water… Again

Another week starts here in East Tennessee and another front with plenty of rain is upon us. So far the rain hasn’t been a complete blanket over the region, but plenty of water has supplanted high flows in many streams. Here’s a look at Little River in Great Smoky Mountains National Park this morning. A […]

Thunderstorm Season in the Smokies

It’s been a wet season across the Southeast and even wet by the rainforest standard of the Great Smoky Mountains. Fortunately we’ve seen an end to the stationery fronts pulling tropical moisture to us the way metal shavings are drawn to a magnet. Even though things have dried out substantially we’re in the middle of […]

An overview of water conditions around the Smokies & East Tennessee

High water became a bit of a regular thing around here and after nice weekend in the Smokies it’s pretty obvious that most anglers have all bit given up on fishing. You can tell because there were very few fishermen out on the river. Fortunately it looks like we’ve turned the corner and water conditions […]

Water Conditions Improving in the Smoky Mountains

Water levels are still pretty high but the good news is that they are starting to get negotiable for fishing again. Don’t expect to be able to wade anywhere and there’s a good chance you won’t be able to cross the stream, but there is a good chance you’ll be able to catch a fish. […]