Tips for Fishing With Kids

Fathers’ Day weekend is a great time for us pass on some tips for fly fishing with kids. We guide customers who bring their children along and we have two young children ourselves. Kids naturally love the outdoors and water so they should have fun, but there are plenty of ways to mess it up. […]

Another Reason to Take Your Kid Fishing

We’ve got two kids and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t put a crimp in our personal fishing time, but we’ve gone all out to make sure they get out on the river with us. In fact, our daughter Willow made her first trip to Yellowstone and the Madison River with us when […]

Excuse Us While We Show Off

We really try to maintain some sense of humility but there are times we just can’t help but to scream “Dig This!” This is one of those times. At the age of 3 our son Boone does OK with a fly rod. We won’t try to convince you he catches fish solo, but with a […]

The Next Generation

We’ve taken quite a few folks fishing this season, but we’re most excited about all the young people we’ve taken fishing. Kids are always the most appreciative of the experience and often times catch on the quickest.   And it’s not just boys either. We’ve taken several young ladies out on the stream and they […]