Ice on Little River

Here are some familiar spots on Little River covered with ice. It’s a view most people never see.

Waders in August

It’s not something you’d expect in the Southeast in August, but we’re digging out our waders for the cool, wet weather that’s headed our way. The forecast for Saturday in Townsend is a rainy high of 72 degrees. We can tell you from experience that if you head on up to Elkmont it will be […]

Here Comes the Water… Again

Another week starts here in East Tennessee and another front with plenty of rain is upon us. So far the rain hasn’t been a complete blanket over the region, but plenty of water has supplanted high flows in many streams. Here’s a look at Little River in Great Smoky Mountains National Park this morning. A […]

A Look at Little River Trail in Spring

Here’s a nice video produced by the Smoky Mountain Association that shows the Little River upstream of Elkmont, or as we call it, “the office”. Enjoy! [youtube][/youtube]

Signs of Spring

We’ve had a relatively mild winter and it looks like spring will be a few weeks early. Clingmans Dome Road in the Smokies, one of the highest roads in the eastern US from 5000′ to over 6000′ elevation, will be opening this weekend. It’s usually covered in snow and ice until April. Sign of spring: […]

Unseasonably Warm Weather

Just a few days ago we wrote how water temperatures were struggling to reach 40 degrees and the trout were sluggish. Yesterday we were peeling layers on the river and this morning we woke up to 64 degrees on our front porch here in Townsend. That might sound great to some of you, but for […]

The End of the Season

Here we are on the Monday after Thanksgiving and things are just the same as always on this date. We’ve been guiding quite a bit up to this point, but it’s pretty well come to a screeching halt. Don’t get us wrong. We’ve truly enjoyed taking every last one of you fishing, but we’ll enjoy […]

Dropper Rigs Keep the Action Fast and Furious in the Smokies

Charity and Shrish Rane teamed up to get this photo a few days back on Little River. Charity held the leader and acted as art director, instructing Shrish on the best way to get this underwater photo. Shrish was excited for the opportunity to do some dry fly fishing since he doesn’t get to do […]

Get Bent (Rods)!

It’s that time of year for us. Imagine December at Macy’s and that’s the time of year it is for us in the fly fishing guide business. Fishing is great everywhere right now and anglers are coming out of the woodwork. With all the water we have here in East Tennessee it’s not surprising that […]

The Arrival of Spring

Last time we checked it was still February, but it looks as if the spring weather is here to stay. Yesterday I was fishing Little River and the daffodils were in full bloom in front of the old Townsend cabin near the Little River trailhead. It’s not just flowers either. We’ve had several thunderstorms this […]