In Spite of the Thaw It’s Still Winter

We had almost a week of weather that sure felt like spring. Bright sun coupled with some hiking made you take the jacket off and feel comfortable in shirt sleeves. There were a few days of good fishing in the mix, but even then there was melting snow that kept water temperatures relatively frigid in […]

Fly of the Month Download – Copper John

Here we go with another Fly of the Month download.  This month we take at look at the Copper John, a fly that’s effective in most trout waters across North America including the Smoky Mountains and several southern tailwaters. You’ll learn a little bit about the history of the fly and the best ways to […]

Fly of the Month – Ian’s Rubber Leg Tellico Nymph

It was a busy summer and fall and we neglected the Fly of the Month but it’s back! This month as we head into cold weather we feature one of our favorite cold water and high water fly patterns, the Rubber Leg Tellico Nymph. The is a pattern I tinkered around with about 13 or […]

Winter to Make Its Debut in East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains

We’ve seen some classic November weather lately. Sunny but cool afternoons after frosty mornings but change is coming along fast! We’ve already seen the first several days with water temperatures down in the 40’s in the Smokies and we don’t expect things to warm up much over the next few days. If anything they will […]

Waders in August

It’s not something you’d expect in the Southeast in August, but we’re digging out our waders for the cool, wet weather that’s headed our way. The forecast for Saturday in Townsend is a rainy high of 72 degrees. We can tell you from experience that if you head on up to Elkmont it will be […]

Golden Stoneflies in the Smokies

Winter is when most people think about fly fishing with big nymphs in the Smokies. There is no surface activity, the water is cold, and a big nymph will sink and just maybe spur a sluggish trout into action. Most fishermen forget that mid-summer can be a great time for big nymphs as well. This […]

Quick Pic: Nymphing on a Mild Winter Day

Dragging weighted nymphs through a deep pool on a mild winter day in the Smokies

Video Fishing Report – Cold Weather Fly Fishing in the Smoky Mountains

December has come along in a big way. We’ve had high water here in the Smokies and now the cold weather has really set in. This week we got some fishing in while the weather was still a little mild and the water a little high. [youtube][/youtube] Water temperatures have been pretty cold so fishing […]

Cooler Weather Hastens the Switch from Dry Flies to Nymphs

Autumn is in the process of kicking into high gear this week in East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains. We’ve had a pretty strong focus on dry fly fishing, particularly in the the Smokies, but that’s probably coming to an end as forecast highs later this week may not even reach 50 degrees. We haven’t […]

Fly Tying: Learn to Tie the Prince Nymph

The Prince Nymph has been one of our favorite flies for a long time. We’ve caught lots of big trout with it not only in the Smokies but in Western rivers as well. We fish it frequently from the first cold snaps of fall through the winter and spring. We’ll continue to fish it in […]