A New Book On the Way! Trout Flies for the Great Smoky Mountains and Surrounding Waters

We’ve been working on a new book and it will be out soon! It’s Trout Flies for the Great Smoky Mountains and Surrounding Waters – Advice From the Guides. This book showcases approximately 50 flies used around the Smoky Mountain region, tells you how to fish them, the best times to use them, and has […]

Tis the Season for Winter Nymphing

It’s that time of year here in the Smokies. We’d really like to get over on the Clinch, Holston, or Hiwassee more but erratic generation schedules are keeping us tight to the Smokies most of the time. If you only get to the Smokies every few weeks or months you don’t see the day to […]

Fly Fish Streams in the Smokies; Tennessee and North Carolina Tailwaters are All Running High

This is a rare event, but fishing on area tailwaters is pretty tough right now. Everything from Middle Tennessee to Western North Carolina is either generating a ton of water or spilling to reduce reservoir levels. The creeks are definitely the place to be. While the mountain streams are running a little high, they’re certainly […]

Our Top 10 Tips for Fly Fishing with Nymphs in the Winter Months

Winter is among the toughest times of year to catch trout in streams. Water temperatures are cold and a trout’s metabolism is slow. Even though a fish doesn’t need to feed as much in cold weather, they will eat if given a chance. Fly fishing in the winter is different than spring, summer, and fall. […]

Catch More Trout on Nymphs When You Use the Right Strike Indicator for the Job

The variety of strike indicators an angler can choose from can be dizzying, but many of them might not be the best choice for your nymphing situation. Yarn, foam footballs, putty, and dry flies can all be used as strike indicators. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. You’ll catch more trout on nymphs when you […]