August Fly Fishing Around East Tennessee

It’s a particularly busy time around R&R Fly Fishing world headquarters as we move into mid August. While we’re starting to enter the usual late summer guiding lull our kids are back in school so that keeps us hopping with all the activities and running around that goes with it. Tourists are fewer now than […]

Summer Is Here

We’re on the back side of the Memorial Day holiday and that means all sorts of things when it comes to fly fishing around East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains. First of all that means it’s thunderstorm season. We’re seeing pop up storms somewhere everyday. That doesn’t mean the day will be a washout, but […]

Warm Weather and Hot Fishing

We’re well into September and it looks like we’re wrapping up what’s been the hottest week of the year. It came a little late but we’re not complaining. In just a few days we’re looking at temperatures in the 70’s and low 80’s and it’s only a few weeks until October with its cool mornings […]

Summer Is Quickly Moving to Fall

We’re well into September and the fishing landscape is changing by the day. I just looked at the calendar and realized we’re heading to Yellowstone Country in a mere two weeks and when we return it will be October with autumn coming on strong in the Smokies. But before we start to prognosticate about fall […]

The Best All Round Week of Fishing We’ve Seen This Year

It’s been a tough season. Anyone who follows fly fishing around the Southeast knows that, but we’re glad to say that we just had what may have been the best few days we’ve seen all year long. Tailwater flows are great, smallmouth bass are looking to the surface for poppers, and trout in the Smokies […]

Great Flows & Sketchy Weather

Flows have been excellent almost anywhere you look around East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountain region. Streams in the Smokies are looking good and the fish are happy. Our local tailwaters, most notably the Clinch, have flows that accommodate both waders and floaters. The only trouble has been spotty rain and showers. While the wet, […]

Better Late Than Never – Water Conditions Pretty Close to Normal

It had to happen at some point. Water levels throughout East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountain region are finally pretty close to normal. If you want to nitpick and point out that stream flows are still way above average you’d be right, but they’re finally below the 75% mark and well below daily records. We […]

Conditions Close to Normal

It’s been a wild fishing season across the Southern Appalachian region with high water, or sometimes worse, good water levels that have been muddy. Fortunately, it looks like things are beginning to resemble something like normal this week. Well… Normal might be pushing it, but let’s say fishable and call it good. East Tennessee just exceeded […]

Have a Plan B Prepared

We’re accustomed to some blown out days in March and April when strong fronts can dump some major rain on the Smokies and East Tennessee. This has been a pretty regular thing this year and we’re well into June! Depending on the flavor of fishing you’re looking for, you may or may not find something […]

Signs of Summer: Hot Smallmouth Bite

Warm weather and wet wading are two big signs of summer’s arrival, but perhaps our favorite part of summer is the great fly fishing for smallmouth bass in our local rivers and streams. Over the last week I found myself on bass water a number of times and it felt pretty good. It’s been a […]