On The Count Down to Spring Fly Fishing

We’re shacked up here at R&R world headquarters with the kids out of school yet again as another wintery mix of freezing rain, sleet, and rain sweeps across East Tennessee. The temperature has been dropping all day while the rivers are rising. Not a good day to really consider being out on the water, although […]

Looking for Some Consistency On the Way

This week’s fishing could be best summed up by Dickens’ opener to a Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Over the period of less than a week we saw gorgeous, sunny weather, snow, a couple of passing storm fronts, a temperature roller coaster, fantastic hatches, […]

A Look at What’s To Come

If you’re anxiously waiting the first hatches of spring you’re not alone. We’ve been keeping an eye on the local streams and while we’ve seen a few Early Brown Stoneflies and Blue Quills the main event has yet to arrive. But don’t despair. It’s imminent and coming soon. Just when we really can’t say, but […]

We Have Bugs

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for. Well… almost the day we’ve been waiting for. Charity and I returned from a short trip up the Little River this afternoon and we’re happy to report that there are Quill Gordons hatching. Quill Gordon photographed last year by Julie Tallman on a North Carolina stream The […]

Almost There

We managed to sneak away on a busy afternoon yesterday. With several deadlines looming large there wasn’t much time for goofing off, but I couldn’t help wondering if the hatch had started. You know the feeling. It will happen as soon as you can’t be there. That’s why I’ve long held the prediction that fish […]

A Weekend of Active Weather in East Tennessee

We ‘ve had a pretty good week of fishing, but the weather has been a little flaky. Several fronts have come through this week with a strong one forecast to come through today. Water levels haven’t been adversely affected; the rivers and streams are fishable. We’ll see how they look tomorrow. Hatches in the Smokies […]