Camera Voodoo

Fishermen are a superstitious lot and we’re no exception. Anyone who’s followed us over the years knows about our devotion to Rain Jacket Voodoo. (Yes, capitalized.) Rain Jacket Voodoo is where you can carry rain gear for months and never use it, but the first time you venture out without it you’ll get soaked. We […]

The Spring Roller Coaster

It happens every year. We get the warm weather and great fishing that we waited for like kids counting the days until Christmas. After we get used to the idea of great weather and dry fly fishing you have to be careful. I’ve been on this spring roller coaster before and this is where I […]

Wet Weather and a Cool Down

We’ve had a few days of active weather here in the Smoky Mountain region of East Tennessee. One front after another has come through and things have been a bit on the damp side. But that’s good! After two years of drought you won’t catch us complaining. Some relatively heavy rain passed through over the […]