Golden Stoneflies in the Smokies

Winter is when most people think about fly fishing with big nymphs in the Smokies. There is no surface activity, the water is cold, and a big nymph will sink and just maybe spur a sluggish trout into action. Most fishermen forget that mid-summer can be a great time for big nymphs as well. This […]

Quick Pic: Golden Stonefly Nymph Husk

We’ve seen some of these guys around since May, but August and September is when they really start to show up. You may consider chucking a big Tellico Nymph or our Rubber Leg Tellico after an afternoon thunderstorm. They hatch at night but you’ll see remnants like this along the stream.

Winter Fishing in the Smokies and on the Nantahala River

We’ve spent the past few days tending to last minute Christmas details, but also found plenty of time to get out on the water. The weather has been less than ideal, but we find more time to fish for ourselves now than we do in the spring, summer or fall so we have to take […]

Water levels fall in the Smokies but increase on the Clinch

Charity and I got out on the water for a few hours in the Smokies yesterday. Stream levels were generally high, but the fishing wasn’t bad. We fished nymphs deep in calm pockets and got a surprisingly good number of strikes. Charity fished a Zelon Nymph and Pats Nymph with a split shot under a […]

Mild Weather Has Provided Good Fly Fishing in the Smokies

We had some high water last weekend, but water levels are very good right now. Water temperatures have been in the low to mid 40’s and the trout have been surprisingly active. We haven’t been out on the water in the morning, but fishing has been excellent from about noon to 4 PM. We’ll see […]

Fish the Flies the Guides are Using: Subscribe to Our Fly of the Month

“What are they hittin’ on?” That’s what fly fishers want to know. We get several emails every week asking us for our fly recommendations. Now you can use the same flies that the guides at R&R Fly Fishing are using. Each month we’ll send you two or three flies from a pattern we’re using in […]

Time to Tie the Flies

Waters have receded and streams are fishable in the Smokies, but it’s that time of year when I start tying the flies. When most tyers sit at the vise they’ll tie a few of their favorites, then go fishing or do something else. When I sit at the vise I don’t leave until I’ve tied […]