A Look at Big Creek in the Snow

We just found this nifty video of Big Creek in the snow from the recent winter storm that stretched from the Smokies up to the Northeast. Big Creek is one of those streams that isn’t at all convenient for us to reach from Townsend which probably helps make it one of those places we really […]

And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Autumn Weather

After an impressive early season winter storm in the Smokies it looks like this week will be much more in line with what we’d expect for early November. When you live in East Tennessee two feet of snow is a big deal, but it really hits home when one of your Western guide buddies who […]

A Snowy Weekend in the Smokies

We often joke that we watch the weather more than farmers since we make our living and spend most of our time outside. So it caught our attention a few days back when the forecast called for a dusting of snow in the Smokies. The weather man was very careful to advise people there was […]

Snow and Ice in the Smoky Mountains

Just like many other areas of the country we’ve seen freezing weather and some snow in the Smoky Mountains this week. We didn’t get all that much snow but the cold hit immediately after some rain that created a sheet of ice over all the roads that later became covered with snow. I know folks […]

It’s All In Your Perspective

Take a good look at this. These photos were taken yesterday, on March 27. It’s probably the last look you’ll have at snow in East Tennessee for a while. The Smokies might see a little more along the ridgetops, but as far as we’re concerned it’s done. Back in November or early December this would […]

Spring Fishing?

I’m sitting here at R&R World Headquarters in Townsend, TN looking out the window at the second consecutive day of falling snow. Last we checked it was the last week of March. The “going out like a lamb” part of the month? Ummm… Not so much… Here’s where I was yesterday morning… You envy my […]

More Snow in the Smoky Mountains

I know we stirred up a lot of consternation on the interwebs about a week and a half ago when we reported a brief spell of dry fly fishing in the Smokies and some better than average trout to go along. Tom at the Trout Underground went so far as to warn us of an […]

Snowy Monday Morning in the Smokies

We heard from Charity last night after she arrived safely waaaayyyy down South in Patagonia. She’ll be hitting the rivers there today. Check back over the next few days as she’ll be posting some photos and telling us how it is. I feel pretty bad for her since I get to stay home with our […]

Quick Pic: Snow on Rocky Top

It’s probably mild where you are, but there’s snow on the crest of the Smokies. The highest point is Rocky Top, the summit of Thunderhead Mountain.

Some High Water & Winter Takes Another Shot

We had a great weekend with the Nat Greene Fly Fishers over in Greensboro, NC and want to thank everyone who came. It was a great success and we apparently set an attendance record for a seminar. Fortunately the weather held out for us to do our casting workshops and everyone had a great time […]