The Mid-Summer Change Up

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything on the blog and it’s not because there’s nothing happening. In fact, it’s been quite the contrary. We were guiding so much at one point we were on the water more than at home for a while. The kids have been out of school so we’ve been […]

Peak of the Guide Season

It’s that time of year when we catch our breath, look up at the calendar and realize that it’s the middle of May already. We’ve been guiding quite a bit lately and the calendar doesn’t have much daylight until we’re well beyond Memorial Day. We’re at that time where Ian is spending most days in the […]

All Kinds of Bugs

It’s May and you’ll find all kinds of bugs hatching wherever you go around East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains. There are some Hendricksons still hatching plus some huge March Browns on the bigger streams. In the evenings the yellow mayflies are showing up in several species. All you really need to know is they […]

Clinch River Flows Remain Good

Anyone who has spent much time fly fishing for trout around East Tennessee has probably heard about the Clinch River’s reputation. Just exactly what that reputation is depends on who you talk to. Depending on the day it can be the best river you’ve ever fished or the toughest damn river you’ve ever cast a […]

Seasons Change to Summer on the River in East Tennessee

We’ve had a cool, wet spring season in East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains, but now it seems summer is upon us as we’ve had a pretty sunny week with warm temperatures in the 80’s. The Smokies are still fishing great and we’ve had at least one tailwater to chase trout. Sulphurs are showing up […]

It’s Sulphur Time on the Tailwaters

We’re seeing diminished flows on the Clinch and more anglers are finally getting on this river. In fact, some might say too many, at least over the holiday weekend. We avoided it on Saturday as it’s always a mob scene on the most popular rivers and our sources say this year was no exception. One […]

Spring Hatches: Watch for These Important Trout Stream Insects in Tennessee and North Carolina

Spring is arguably the best time of year for fly fishing. The reason is that there are more insects hatching on the rivers and streams than any other time. The smart fly fisher knows this and comes to the water prepared. Here are the insects we watch for on the tailwaters and streams in the […]

Cooler Weather in the Forecast for East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains

After an oppressively hot weekend we’ve got some milder weather in the forecast this week. This should make for pleasant fishing in the Smokies where it’s already cooler than the surrounding area. I took Randy Ball and his fishing buddy Dennis on a float on the Clinch last Saturday. The weather was hot and muggy […]