August in East Tennessee

The past few days have seen the weather in a cloudy, muggy funk. While there have been some downpours, there has been plenty of dry time to get out. Unfortunately the unsettled weather (and flows) have had the bugs and fish waiting for more consistency. The rain has seen stream flows up and down and […]

Summer Tailwater Forecast for East Tennessee

We’re far enough along in the season now that we’re able to start looking into the crystal ball for how fishing will progress into the summer. There’s always a degree of uncertainty more than a few weeks into the future, but our tailwater rivers are a little easier to predict in terms of how flows […]

Keeping Our Fingers Crossed

Take a look at stream flows across East Tennessee and another look at TVA releases on the tailwaters and there’s good reason for optimism. After another week of rainy weather and blown out rivers and streams we’re off to a good start. But to be completely honest, we have a sense of deja vu because […]

Happy Fishing New Year!

It’s March 1 and the month is roaring in like a lion here in the Smokies as a light snow is falling. Snow is not a newsmaker in late winter, but the fact that your Tennessee fishing license just expired is.                   I always thought it was a […]

Stormy Days Across East Tennessee and the Smokies

It was a nice weekend to get outside, but we were in Louisville, Kentucky for the Kentuckiana Fly Fishing Show. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us. It seemed like we knew almost everyone there! It’s very warm here in East Tennessee this morning, but we’re expecting stormy weather. It looks pretty grim […]