Five Minute Video Vacation: Bald River Gorge Wilderness

Here’s a spiffy little video we found which features one of our favorite places in the greater Smoky Mountain region. The Bald River Gorge isn’t in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but very close by in the neighboring Tellico Ranger District of the Cherokee National Forest. This isn’t a fly fishing video, but it will […]

August in East Tennessee

The past few days have seen the weather in a cloudy, muggy funk. While there have been some downpours, there has been plenty of dry time to get out. Unfortunately the unsettled weather (and flows) have had the bugs and fish waiting for more consistency. The rain has seen stream flows up and down and […]

A Close Up Look At A Native Brook Trout in the Smokies

It’s not everyday you spot a native trout going about it’s business. It’s even rarer to see that up close and under water. We’re thrilled with this short bit of video we recently captured on one of our favorite streams in the Smokies. [youtube][/youtube]

Video Clip: Southern Salvelinus – Brook Trout Below the Mason Dixon

We’re in the thick of some of the best tailwater fly fishing of the year right now so we’re spending a good bit of time on the big rivers. Even so we can’t help but look up at the Smokies and notice those crevices in the landscape up high where streams drain the high peaks. […]

Up Close and Personal with Wild Rainbow Trout

We admit it. We’re fish nerds and we’ll go to some lengths to get cool pictures and video of fish. Here’s the latest video we’ve gotten and it really makes us smile. These rainbow trout are in the midst of some pretty swift water. Notice the spill that’s just in the background and notice the […]

Update On Lynn Camp Prong Brook Trout Restoration

Last week Great Smoky Mountains National Park fisheries biologist Matt Kulp spoke to the Little River Chapter of Trout Unlimited. The main focus of his presentation was the progress on the Lynn Camp Prong brook trout restoration in the Tremont section of the park near Townsend, Tennessee. The project has been a tremendous challenge and […]

The Perfect Drift: Winter Fly Fishing Video

We spotted this short video over on Chi-Wulff and decided to cherry pick it for ourselves as well. It doesn’t look like the Smokies, but it’s close enough when you look at the water and the fish. Maybe you can’t get to the stream right now or just don’t have that mental defect to make […]

Tis the Season for Winter Nymphing

It’s that time of year here in the Smokies. We’d really like to get over on the Clinch, Holston, or Hiwassee more but erratic generation schedules are keeping us tight to the Smokies most of the time. If you only get to the Smokies every few weeks or months you don’t see the day to […]

Smoky Mountain Elk and Photographer Butt Heads

We posted this video yesterday to Twitter and our Facebook page but thought it would be a good addition to the blog as well. The video is from Cataloochee Valley and looks like it’s very close to where Palmer Fork and Rough Fork join to form Cataloochee creek near the church. This video probably won’t […]

Spawning Brook Trout in the Smoky Mountains

There’s nothing that says fall in the Smokies like spawning brook trout. We noticed this pair of fish while out taking a hike yesterday. As you can see they are in their brightest “fall color”. [youtube][/youtube]