It’s That Time of Year in the Smokies

It’s that time of year in the Smokies and we’re finally starting to see some spawning brown trout in our local streams. It’s likely that the sudden cold snap and melting snow that dropped water temperatures better than 15 degrees in about 24 hours caused a delay. It’s hard to tell from this since there […]

Fall wildlife in the Smokies

Here’s another beautifully filmed piece from the Great Smoky Mountains Association. Take a two minute vacation to the Smokies to see bugling elk, black bears, and wild turkeys in the autumn. [youtube][/youtube]

Smoky Mountain Brook Trout And the Next Generation

Anyone who’s known us or followed us for very long knows we have a soft spot for wild, native brook trout here in the Smoky Mountains. These fish have persisted for thousands of years against everything Mother Nature and mankind has thrown at them. Even as their numbers have diminished significantly over the last century […]

Best Tailwater Conditions We’ve Seen in Months

Right now flows on East Tennessee’s trout tailwater rivers are as ideal as we’ve seen them in a long time. Last year’s exceptionally wet weather kept flows high for most of the sumer and by the time fall rolled around TVA had their hands full trying to get the reservoirs lowered. High flows continued through […]

Video: Fly Fishing the Blue Quill Hatch in the Great Smoky Mountains

March is here and it won’t be long before we see abundant hatches on the wild trout streams of the Great Smoky Mountains. Most experienced anglers in the region are familiar with Quill Gordons, Hendricksons, and March Browns but many are less aware of another very important mayfly hatch, the Blue Quill. Here’s a video […]

A Look at What’s To Come

If you’re anxiously waiting the first hatches of spring you’re not alone. We’ve been keeping an eye on the local streams and while we’ve seen a few Early Brown Stoneflies and Blue Quills the main event has yet to arrive. But don’t despair. It’s imminent and coming soon. Just when we really can’t say, but […]

Video Retrospective of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 2013

Here’s another great video from the Great Smoky Mountains Association filled with stunning time lapse images from the Smokies coupled with local events from 2013. Flooding rains, tornadoes, the government shutdown, brilliant fall colors, and snowfalls are all covered. [youtube][/youtube]

Weather Rolls In Over the Smokies

It’s been a wet day here in East Tennessee and it looks like the next few days will continue with that pattern. So far the rivers are in good shape and we have our fingers crossed that things will stay that way. Here’s a time lapse video of weather rolling in over the mountains near […]

Blast From the Past

A few days ago we saw this video over on Chi Wulff and it was almost like having your life flash before your eyes as this was almost ten years ago. Ian had two books published in two years closely followed by the release of the Fly Fishing Eastern Freestone Streams pair of DVD’s. We […]

The Secret Life of Cicadas

Here’s a pretty nifty video we found about cicadas we thought we’d share. Some folks have asked us about them, but we don’t get this variety around the Smokies although we have heard about them in other areas of the Southeast. This video was put together by Samuel Orr and he has a Kickstarter campaign […]