Waders Should Look to Mountain Streams for the Best Fishing This Week

Mountain streams throughout the Smoky Mountain region are in great shape right now with good water levels and water temperatures. The photos in this post are from just a few days ago and the dry fly fishing has been pretty good in many locations. We started to see some unsettled weather yesterday as a front […]

The Summer Pattern

So far things are essentially what you would expect when fly fishing in June in East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains. We’re seeing they typical mid to high 80’s temperatures along with enough humidity to trigger afternoon thunderstorms. Most of East Tennessee has been pretty dry but the mountains have seen the bulk of the […]

Thunderstorm Season in the Smokies

It’s been a wet season across the Southeast and even wet by the rainforest standard of the Great Smoky Mountains. Fortunately we’ve seen an end to the stationery fronts pulling tropical moisture to us the way metal shavings are drawn to a magnet. Even though things have dried out substantially we’re in the middle of […]

How Does All this Rain Affect the Fishing?

We hear it all the time. “How does (insert weather condition) affect the fishing?” At the moment we’re pushing a 14″ surplus for rainfall and the year isn’t even half way through yet. So, as you might imagine, we’re getting tons of questions about how all this water influences fishing and fish populations. In the […]

Drying Out

After another round of rain last Friday we’re in a nice period of mild and sunny weather here in East Tennessee and across the Smoky Mountain region. We’re way ahead in the rainfall department so every time we another front passes through we see a jump in stream flows. Stream levels are fishable but were […]

The Season is Upon Us!

We’ve already done a ton of guiding this spring, but this is the week when we shift gears into overdrive. We have guided trips in the Smokies, tailwater floats, and our annual Hazel Creek fish camp this weekend. That’s followed by more of the same next week followed by the Townsend TroutFest next weekend. If […]

Excellent Weather, Spring Hatches, and Spawning Rainbow Trout

Spring weather is certainly here, but there is still a good deal of snow on the ground in shaded areas of the Smokies. Regardless, the sun was shining, the weather was warm, and the tailwaters even had favorable generation schedules. We’re still waiting for the hatches to get started in the Smokies, but the rainbow […]

Fishing Still Good in the Smokies But the Weather is Cooling Down

After a weekend of guiding in the Smokies we’re still happy to report the fish are still active. In fact, we pulled a good number of fish up to the surface on dry flies. On the other hand, it doesn’t look like the tailwater situation will get any better in the near future hear in […]

Fly Fishing Forecast for the Labor Day Weekend

The rivers have been all but devoid of fishermen this week. Even though one of the major recreation weekends of the year is upon us, you should be able to find some good fishing. You can even escape the crowds if you’re willing to fish during a football game. Mountain streams in the Smokies are […]

Great fishing conditions but not many fishermen on the water

Water and weather conditions are absolutely perfect, but there aren’t many anglers out on the water. That’s probably typical considering most people are getting back into the swing of getting the kids to school and it’s the week before Labor Day weekend. The water will surely be more crowded once the weekend arrives. Charity and […]