Hatching Yellow Sally

Little Yellow Stoneflies, often referred to as Yellow Sallies, are hatching throughout the Smoky Mountain region right now. These bright yellow insects start life as a dull brown nymph in the stream. They migrate across the stream bottom and crawl up on boulders in the middle of the stream or on dry areas along the […]

Stoneflies Beginning to Show Up in Force in the Smokies

There are still plenty of mayflies and caddis flitting about in the Smokies but we’re starting to notice more stoneflies everyday. The early brown stones are still out in force laying eggs on the water throughout the afternoons, but we’re beginning to see far more variety. There have been large, medium, and small stoneflies buzzing […]

Excellent Fishing on the Tailwaters and in the Smokies

We’ve spent the past week floating the big rivers and wading in several locations across the Smokies. For the most part we’ve had excellent success. Even on the days when things were a little tougher we’d manage to get on a hot streak late in the day. This angler couldn’t resist watching risers as we […]

Spring Hatches: Watch for These Important Trout Stream Insects in Tennessee and North Carolina

Spring is arguably the best time of year for fly fishing. The reason is that there are more insects hatching on the rivers and streams than any other time. The smart fly fisher knows this and comes to the water prepared. Here are the insects we watch for on the tailwaters and streams in the […]