In the River in Yellowstone Country

We’ve arrived at TroutHunter on the Henry’s Fork and spent some time fishing in Yellowstone National Park already. Our group arrives today and we expect to start casting a line on “The Fork”, but it’s already been pretty special. We had barely gotten settled into our room at TroutHunter and ordered a beer at the […]

Henry’s Fork 2014 Trip Summary and Photos

We made our annual September pilgrimage to Yellowstone Country by way of TroutHunter Lodge on the Henry’s Fork in Idaho. We’ve been going to the Yellowstone area since 1996 but this was the fourth year TroutHunter has served as our base of operations for fishing the Henry’s Fork, the Madison River in Montana, several rivers […]

On the Ground in Yellowstone Country

We’ve spent the past couple of days traveling around Yellowstone as we always do about this time of year. We’ll be heading over to the Henry’s Fork later today and joining up with a group of fly fishers we’re hosting at TroutHunter. Up to this point we’ve tried to take it easy while still doing […]

Wrap Up of Our Trip to the Henry’s Fork & Yellowstone Park

We’ve been back home in the Smokies a few days but I’ve been recovering from an illness that started before our trip and only seemed to get worse with every day on the water. After a few days of intense recovery aided by a shot at the doctor’s office and prescription antibiotics, I think I […]

Hitting Our Stride On the Henry’s Fork

We’ve all settled in and had several days of fishing on the Henry’s Fork and surrounding waters. Honestly it’s been a mixed bag. Several of the folks in our group have been pretty hard on the fish and the fish have been pretty hard on a few folks, but everyone is having a great time. […]

Our Feet Are Wet In Yellowstone Country

After a somewhat traumatic airline experience, we’ve made it to the Henry’s Fork and Yellowstone Country. We typically make the drive from East Tennessee but this year we flew. Needless to say, it’s a pretty different experience. First and foremost, a drift boat doesn’t count as checked baggage so we’ll primarily be fishing from our […]

A Four Minute Trip to Yellowstone

We always head to Yellowstone in September, sometimes for as long as three weeks at a time. That’s still a ways off, but we found this beauty of a video over a Chi-Wulff and had to share it. This has some beautiful time lapse as well as nice scenes of wildlife in Hayden Valley, Lamar […]

From Idaho to Montana

We bid a farewell to our group on the Henry’s Fork in Idaho last Friday and headed northeast through Yellowstone National Park into Montana for a little bit of family time. We fished the park and are staying about half way between Livingston and Gardiner, Montana along the Yellowstone River. Before we go on, we’d […]

Kicking Off Our Week at TroutHunter on the Henry’s Fork Right!

We’re all settled in here at TroutHunter on the beautiful Henry’s Fork in Idaho a short distance from Yellowstone National Park. Everyone met their guide at breakfast, discussed their experience level and preferred methods of fly fishing, and headed out for the water. Ladawn Ostmann is a veteran of our Western trips and has traveled […]

A Look Back at Our Favorite Pictures from 2009

We’ve covered a lot of water in 2009! Here are some of our favorite moments from the mountains and rivers captured with a camera. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed being there! View from the fly tying desk on a cold day last January, Townsend, TN Little River rainbow trout, Great […]