Fishing Improves with Warmer Weather

We’ve done all kinds of things since the last post. While we’ve done some fishing we also traveled up to Indianapolis to speak at a meeting of the Indianapolis Fly Casters. There was a large and enthusiastic turnout and I’m pretty sure we made a few former Tennesseans homesick for the trout fishing they left […]

Nantahala River fishable once again; We take another short trip to Abrams Creek

It remains brutally cold here in the Smoky Mountains, but I do have some good news to relate. The Nantahala River is finally fishable again. Duke Power has finally gotten Nantahala Lake low enough to cease spilling. While this is good news from the perspective of wading, you should expect water temperatures to be right […]

Water Levels Variable But Better Conditions This Week

It was a tough week for fly fishers throughout the Smoky Mountain region. If water levels were negotiable the temperatures were freezing and if the weather was mild the streams were at flood stage. Then there were the hurricane force winds! Wind gusts over 100 mph were recorded in the Smokies during a powerful storm. […]

Winter Fly Fishing in the Smoky Mountains

Winter has certainly arrived in the Smoky Mountains with the first significant snowfall of the year. We got a few inches of snow here in Townsend, but there was more only a short distance away in the national park. Charity and I took the kids out for a romp in the snow but didn’t get […]

Fishing Still Good in the Smokies But the Weather is Cooling Down

After a weekend of guiding in the Smokies we’re still happy to report the fish are still active. In fact, we pulled a good number of fish up to the surface on dry flies. On the other hand, it doesn’t look like the tailwater situation will get any better in the near future hear in […]

Time to Tie the Flies

Waters have receded and streams are fishable in the Smokies, but it’s that time of year when I start tying the flies. When most tyers sit at the vise they’ll tie a few of their favorites, then go fishing or do something else. When I sit at the vise I don’t leave until I’ve tied […]