Back Behind the Oars

For the past few weeks we’ve seen some negotiable, if not consistent, flows on our local tailwaters. Last weeks cold, high flows in the Smokies meant that we should hitch up the drift boat to find the best opportunities to hook some trout. There were some very nice fish in the mix and it was […]

Our Free Fly of the Month Download – Zelon Nymph

  You may remember our Fly of the Month subscription. It was a wildly popular program we used to offer. Ian would write up a monthly digest about an appropriate fly for that month and include bits about how to fish it and step by step instructions to tie it. Unfortunately the Fly of the […]

Water levels fall in the Smokies but increase on the Clinch

Charity and I got out on the water for a few hours in the Smokies yesterday. Stream levels were generally high, but the fishing wasn’t bad. We fished nymphs deep in calm pockets and got a surprisingly good number of strikes. Charity fished a Zelon Nymph and Pats Nymph with a split shot under a […]

Nymphing is the Best Method for Catching Trout

The warm weather has continued for quite a while here in East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains and we’ve taken as much advantage as we’ve been able. A front moved through the area yesterday with some rain and cooler temperatures, but nothing has changed much. Water conditions are just about perfect in the Smokies. I […]