A Few More Good Days on the Water

Charity and I have managed to rack up some good time on the water since we’ve rounded out our schedule of shows and appearances. On Tuesday we started to take a hike and do some fish in the Smokies but our daughter fell asleep on the way and wasn’t really in good shape for a hike when we arrived at the trailhead. We decided to drive up and down Little River and check pools we could see while standing near the car.

Our fishing buddy and neighbor Doug Sanders drove up and had been fishing for a couple of hours. Charity suggested I get in waders, grab my rod and vest, and join Doug while she drove home with our daughter. Fishing was generally slower than we have experienced, but OK for mid-February. We spotted on rising brown trout and I caught it on a Hi-Vis Blue Wing Olive Parachute. Another fish was rising in the head of the run and Doug took a crack at that one with my rod. He got the eat but missed the fish.

Yesterday Charity and I floated the Holston. I was great to get back in a drift boat and have our hands on the oars. Fishing was generally slow. We cuaght a few fish, all on nymphs, but it was good to be out on the river on a sunny and warm day. Midges emerged throughout the day, but only a few fish were up rising and almost all were pretty small. Charity switched to a streamer and stirred up a few follows but no takes.

It looks we’ve got some wet weather on the way and we’re glad to have it. Stream levels in the Smokies have fallen to below average for the date, but long range forecasts are predicting a wet spring.