Here are some great articles to improve your fly fishing success. Many were published in national magazine and all have been featured in past newsletters.

Our Top 10 Tips for Fly Fishing with Nymphs in the Winter

Success on the stream during the cold winter months demands skills fishing nymphs. Even though fishing is slower in the winter than other times of the year there are still fish to be caught. This article features the top 10 things we do as guides to help our anglers catch trout in the winter.

Catch More Trout: Treat Your Fly Rod As If It Were A Gun

Many anglers diminish their success because they don’t fish with a clear sense of purpose. This article explains the similarities between hunting and fly fishing and explains why you’ll be more successful on the water if you cast with the same care you would as if you were shooting a gun. This has been one of the most popular articles we’ve ever published in a newsletter!

Fly Fish with Dropper Rigs to Catch More Trout

You can hook more trout if you fish two two flies at once. Fishing with droppers allow you to fish two different flies at the same. Even better, you can fish two different locations simultaneously. This article will tell you the best fly combinations to use as well as the best way to rig your flies.

Learn How to Tie and Fish the Hi-Vis Paracute Blue Wing Olive

This article illustrates how to tie one of the best flies for fly fishing the Smoky Mountains in the fall. It also includes tips on the best way to fish the fly.

Learn How to Tie and Fish the Elkmont Ant

This article shows you how to tie one of our favorite terrestrial fly patterns for summer in the Smoky Mountains. It also includes tips on the best way to fish the fly effectively.

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers

This article details concerns about Whirling Disease, New Zealand Mud Snails, and Didymo. All of these have adverse effects on trout fisheries and fly fishers can help to stop their spread.

Successful Fly Fishing with Streamers: Wading & Floating Tactics

This article about the best way to fish streamers was in our Fall 2007 newsletter. It covers techniques for both fishing from a boat and wading. It’s also useful for not only on Tennessee’s tailwaters and Smoky Mountain streams, but Western rivers as well.

Fly Fishing Terrestrials in the Smoky Mountains

This article about fishing terrestrial fly patterns in the Smoky Mountains originally ran in the Summer 2006 issue of Fish & Fly magazine.

Find Success Fly Fishing in the Winter: Effective Nymphing Methods

This article is written with a foucus on the freestome streams of the Smoky Mountains and the tailwaters of Tennessee but the information is just as applicable to waters in other parts of the country.

Fly Fishing in the Summer: The Best of Times & the Worst of Times

Fly fishing in the heat of summer is sometimes harder than fishing in the dead of winter. This article details methods to find more success on freestone trout streams in the middle of summer.

The Southerly Flow

Appalachian Life August/September 2002. Describes the natural history of brook trout in the Smoky Mountain region.

Spring in the Smokies

Fish &Fly Spring 2001. A short article that chronicles a spring of fly fishing in the Smokies.

Winter Fishing in the Smokies

Fish &Fly Winter 2001. A short article that details a day of winter fishing in the Smokies.

Cumberland River

Fly Rod &Reel June 2003. This is an informative article that details the trout fishing opporutities on Kentucky’s premiere tailwater. Gives a general lay of the land, fly patterns, and ideal conditions.

Return of the Native

American Angler March/April 2003. This article gives detailed information on the best fishing in Great Smoky Mountains National Park for native Southern Appalachian brookies. Several of these streams were once closed to fishing but now open to anglers.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Small Stream Success

Fly Fishing &Tying Journal Summer 2004. Perhaps the most valuable information on this web site! Ian describes the best ways to have better success in the Smokies as well smaller streams wherever you may be.

Permanently in Paradise

South Florida Sport Fishing March/April 2005. This article chronicles our November 2004 trip to Turneffe Flats Belize. This is a fun article with great photos for anyone who ever wandered what flats fishing in the Caribbean is like. Permit and bonefishing. Join us on our next expedition!

Fly Fishing Tennessee’s Holston River Tailwater

This article gives lots of great advice on how to fly fish the Holston tailwater below Cherokee Dam.