Smoky Mountain Brook Trout Film Preview

We’ve been involved with a great crew of filmmakers based out of Nashville who are making a film out native Smoky Mountain brook trout. They still have quite a way to go before it’s complete, but we’re finally getting our first look. We’re biased, but it looks awesome! Have a look: [vimeo][/vimeo]

Smoky Mountain Time Lapse

Breathtaking video from the folks at More Than Just Parks [vimeo][/vimeo]

Brook Trout Restoration in Tennessee

Here’s a great short video from the folks at Tennessee Uncharted exploring how TWRA is working to restore the Southern Appalachian brook trout in its home range in our mountain streams. This effort is completely separate from efforts inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park. [youtube][/youtube]

Five Minute Getaway to the Smokies


Backcountry Brook Trout Paradise

We recently found this nifty video of backcountry fly fishing for Southern Appalachian brook trout via the good folks at the Orvis blog. It’s on the Raven Fork, about a 3 mile hike over Hyatt Ridge into remote country. This isn’t an easy place to reach or fish, but here’s an opportunity to see this […]

A Look at Big Creek in the Snow

We just found this nifty video of Big Creek in the snow from the recent winter storm that stretched from the Smokies up to the Northeast. Big Creek is one of those streams that isn’t at all convenient for us to reach from Townsend which probably helps make it one of those places we really […]

Return of the Southern Appalachian Brook Trout

Here’s an exceptional short film that shows something we’re passionate about: restoration of native Southern Appalachian brook trout here in the Smoky Mountain region. The following film shows the restoration on Sycamore Creek, a tributary of Tellico River in the Cherokee National Forest just to the south of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You’ll learn a […]

The Last Dragons – Hellbenders in Southern Appalachia

Here’s a spiffy video with stunning underwater scenes of hellbenders in their natural environment. We see one or two every year on our local streams. [vimeo][/vimeo]

Fall wildlife in the Smokies

Here’s another beautifully filmed piece from the Great Smoky Mountains Association. Take a two minute vacation to the Smokies to see bugling elk, black bears, and wild turkeys in the autumn. [youtube][/youtube]

Smoky Mountain Brook Trout And the Next Generation

Anyone who’s known us or followed us for very long knows we have a soft spot for wild, native brook trout here in the Smoky Mountains. These fish have persisted for thousands of years against everything Mother Nature and mankind has thrown at them. Even as their numbers have diminished significantly over the last century […]