Late Summer Fishing Report from the Smokies and East Tennessee

August is here and it somehow doesn’t feel quite like late summer. The kids started school this week, we’ve seen relatively mild temperatures with a few mornings registering 59 degrees on the porch, and it seems like TVA has really bumped the flows on the big rivers. It’s feeling more like fall than summer, but […]

Summer’s Last

Labor Day weekend is only a few days away. We just came out of a refreshing week of mild weather to be greeted with a week of sunny weather in the range of 90 degrees. Just yesterday I rowed the drift boat down the river on an overcast day barely 80 degrees and it was great. […]

Running Out the Clock on Summer Heat

This past week was very mild here in East Tennessee with particularly cool nights down in the mid 50’s here in the foothills of the Smokies. All the TV weather folks were touting an early taste of fall but we’re not getting our hopes up just yet. Even so, summer’s days are numbered and you […]

August Fly Fishing Around East Tennessee

It’s a particularly busy time around R&R Fly Fishing world headquarters as we move into mid August. While we’re starting to enter the usual late summer guiding lull our kids are back in school so that keeps us hopping with all the activities and running around that goes with it. Tourists are fewer now than […]

Fall Fly Fishing in East Tennessee and the Smokies

We’ve been home from the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone Country for just one week but it seems like it’s been much longer than that as we’re embroiled in our fall guiding rush. Autumn has arrived in the Smokies as we’re seeing more color in the park everyday and we’ve already seen the first frost of […]

Waders Should Look to Mountain Streams for the Best Fishing This Week

Mountain streams throughout the Smoky Mountain region are in great shape right now with good water levels and water temperatures. The photos in this post are from just a few days ago and the dry fly fishing has been pretty good in many locations. We started to see some unsettled weather yesterday as a front […]

Summer Time Change Up

It’s that time of of the season when we’re ready for a change of scenery along with some different types of fishing. I know it’s hard for most people to envision, but floating the same sections of river and wading the same stretches of stream start to wear on you enough that it seems more […]

Summer Is Here

We’re on the back side of the Memorial Day holiday and that means all sorts of things when it comes to fly fishing around East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains. First of all that means it’s thunderstorm season. We’re seeing pop up storms somewhere everyday. That doesn’t mean the day will be a washout, but […]

A Warm Week Ahead With Endless Possibilities

If you’re looking for a place to go fishing this week you likely won’t need to look far. Water levels on mountain streams are excellent, tailwater flows are about as good as you can hope for. You can’t float the Hiwassee or South Holston right now, but other than that you can wade on any […]

We Take a Look Back at 2013

We’ll always remember 2013, but probably won’t look back at it so fondly as we do other years. We’ll always remember the severe drought of 2007 and the way it stretched a bit into 2008, but those years weren’t so tough as 2013. Without a doubt 2013 was the toughest we’ve seen in our eleven […]