Floating Tennessee Tailwaters – More Rain for National Park Waters

Charity here – As Ian floated the Holston River today I’ve been catching up on office work and book keeping. UGH! I’d rather be fishing! With all the rain we’ve received in the last 24 hours, Little River spiked up a bit overnight according to the river gauges, but has evened out and is starting to clear up. This morning it looked like a river of chocolate milk.  Here’s the site to check water levels on Little River above Townsend.

As I type, Ian just checked in on his way home. He took Rich Margiotta and a friend of his on a float trip down the Holston River today. He says they got fish on dries and nymphs – Rich enjoyed the take on dry fly, so that’s what they stuck with most of the day.

If the rain holds off overnight, Saturday fishing should be good in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The water levels have been excellent this spring and it looks like the summer months are going to hold some excellent fishing for us.

Tim did a trip up by the Chimneys earlier this week and said the fish were really turned on up there and hitting almost every drift. Looks like our little Smoky Mountain brook trout are happy to have all the fresh water in the river. Summer is upon us and the warm summer days are excellent times to wade the brook trout streams in the Smokies. If you haven’t seen our new book on called Fly Fishing for Brook Trout in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, check it out. It’s full of beautiful photos and lots of good info on all the brook trout streams in the National Park. Here’s a link to more info on our brook trout book.

Call to book your summer trips. Hope to see you on the river!