Heavy Rain & High Water Across the Southern Appalachians

High Water on Little River

Rivers and streams were already pretty high before more heavy rain arrived yesterday. There wasn’t much to do besides get some work done inside, then take a drive up the river just to see the high water. We’ll typically see the water this high once or twice a year, but it doesn’t get much higher than this very often.

This is Little River along the road between the Townsend Y and the Sinks. For those of you who like to keep track of things the gauge was right at 6.0 and measuring close to 4000 cubic feet per second downstream of the Y. That gauge is downstream of the confluence of West and Middle Prongs of the river so there isn’t that much flowing here, but I’d never know it.

We’ll post some video later today that shows some of the fishing before the water got out of hand, plus the video of this water really shows how powerful it is. See you on the river when the flows recede just a little!

High Water on LIttle River, March 2011