Fall Fly Fishing Is At Its Peak

Guiding on Hazel Creek in the Smokies

It’s fall and fishing is pretty good. Trout are rising in the Smokies, we’re seeing big brown trout moving around, and the colors… Well, you’ve got to see it to believe it.

We just returned from our annual fall camping trip on Hazel Creek and have a full schedule of guiding for at least the next two weeks. We’ll keep you posted.

October Caddis

October Caddis

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  1. Thanks again for the trip to Hazel Creek. For those who have never gone, it more than lives up to its fabled reputation. Beautiful scenery, great fishing, and more. Ian and Charity put us right on the fish, educated us about the history of the area, and taught us more than a few tricks of the trade. And the accommodations – well, they were so luxurious I am almost embarrassed to call it camping. The food was excellent and our every need was more than met. Plus, it was just fun to hang around the campsite and laugh with everyone. It’s the “trip of a lifetime” that is close enough to home and affordable enough to do it again. I know I will!