Weekly Digest for 2012-01-22

  • From our fishing report: Damn that was good! An afternoon of dry fly fishing in the Smokies http://t.co/RRHqYwUt #flyfishing #smokies #
  • Curious why trout like certain bugs so much? The taster's guide to trout stream insects http://t.co/h54tl3RD #flyfishing #
  • Hackle on your super saddles getting thin? Looks like a bleak year in store for fly tyers http://t.co/FKpjAttB #
  • Snow on Rocky Top in the Smokies (Literally, that's the name of the summit of Thunderhead Mountain) http://t.co/Rc92EhZY #
  • Good news concerning endangered hemlocks in the Smokies. Seems that a systemic insecticide works longer than expected http://t.co/h1RwXRnO #
  • An editorial by Sevierville's Mountain Press: Tennessee Wilderness Act deserves passage in Congress http://t.co/iHMeNlgF #
  • Thingamabobbers earn a patent but I still think "trapped air technology" is a scammy way to say "hollow plastic ball" http://t.co/fngiCNT3 #

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