A New Perspective on Brook Trout

Here’s a short, fun clip we managed to capture. This brook trout is not on a line, and believe me, it took some patience and luck to get this piece of video. Honestly, we were pretty shocked we got something that came out this good. Enjoy…

Fly Fishing for Brook Trout in Great Smoky Mountains National Park


  1. Ian and Charity,

    Are you guiding many anglers this summer using tenkara rods? What have you found tog be the best length for the Smokies?

    • We were guiding more with it back in the spring than we have this summer, but are still fishing with it frequently. It would seem that a 12′ rod is perhaps the best all round rod with 11′ coming in second. During the winter and spring there are plenty of large streams where a 13′ rod is in its element, but not so much in the lower water we see in summer. We’ve gravitated toward the 11′ rod more on the smaller streams we usually cover in summer.