Weather-pocalypse in the Smokies

Last weekend it was 70 degrees and while we were taking advantage of the nice weather, we were uneasy about it as well. To be quite honest about it, you never get weather like that in January without having to pay for it.

Monday morning started off with ominous beauty.

Red Sky In Morning

You may have heard the old adage, “Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.” It’s authentic, not a myth. The sky created by impending bad weather is lit up a bright red and orange as the sun rises in the east. It’s just as valid today as it was back when the Vikings were just learning to go to sea. Heck, you’ll probably hear that phrase on an episode of “Deadliest Catch” just before the crab boats start getting pitched like a cork on the Bering Sea.

Here we are several days and about 8″ of rain later. There’s been massive flooding across the Smoky Mountain region and Newfound Gap Road through the national park has suffered a massive landslide. There are some impressive pictures of it along with details in National Parks Traveler. Schools were closed here for two days due to flooded roadways.

It has yet to dry out. In fact I’m typing this as rain is pouring down outside, but that’s not all. In addition to being under another flood watch, we’re also under a winter storm warning with as much as 10″ of snow forecast for the Smokies by tonight.

So how are we spending our time? Charity has been optimizing our previous publications for digital distribution. You’ll hear much more about that soon. And me? Important, but perhaps not so intellectual. I’m filling the boxes.

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