Charity’s Television Debut

Last week we got a call from local news reporter and weekend anchor Stoney Sharp. WBIR was going to broadcast live from the Townsend Spring Festival and wanted to do a number of stories around Townsend. As it worked out we were pretty booked and didn’t have much time to make this happen. Fortunately Charity had an afternoon half day trip and was able to work the interview in. Stoney even caught his first trout on a fly rod.

The term “trophy wife” comes to mind…

Here’s the piece for anyone who doesn’t live around Knoxville or missed it. Enjoy!


  1. Fred Briggs says:

    Have my trip booked for next week can not wait. Maybe even with a TV star.

  2. Pat Segraves says:

    A star is born!
    Nice piece showcasing a good experience.
    You guys continue to do excellent work.