Welcome to Summer

We had a day off but still wanted to go fishing. The kids wanted to go swimming. The best solution sounded like a great change of pace so we trailered up the boat and headed over the Foothills Parkway to Chilhowee Lake. We got in a little bit of fishing for bass with poppers and the kids could go swimming in something warmer than our cold trout streams. Even though most people dream of trout fishing it’s nice for us to just chuck some poppers along a wooded shoreline and see what happens on a day off.

Charity & Largemouth Bass

What says summer better than largemouth bass on a popping bug?

We actually had smallmouth in mind, but if a largemouth charges out of the depths, well, then that’s just something you have to deal with. We did catch a few smallies, but none of any size. The largemouth were relatively active though and crushed the popper.


We were using a relatively large popper to keep small bluegill off. We always enjoy panfish, but sometimes they can be a pain when you know there are larger fish about. You’ve got to admit, it takes one heck of a bluegill to eat a popping bug built for a bass.

Kids Swimming


And the kids got to go swimming too. In short, a good time was had by all!